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Public opinion turns against humans with superpowers-- called "Supers"-- and also after dealing with a number of claims over outer damage brought on by their crime-fighting activities, the federal government compels them into civilian moving programs. Fifteen years later, Bob as well as Helen Parr, formerly called Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, as well as their youngsters Violet, Dashboard, and Jack-Jack live as a rural family. Bob is dissatisfied with rural life and his white-collar task as well as longs for the magnificence days. Occasionally, Bob and also his old friend Lucius Finest-- formerly called Frozone-- execute vigilante job, without their partners' understanding throughout the night.

Someday, Bob loses his temper when his supervisor chooses not to allow him quit a robbery, triggering him to lose his work. Returning residence, Bob discovers a message from a mysterious woman named Mirage, that persuades him to end up being Mr. Astonishing once again and also provides him an objective to damage a savage tripod-like robot called the Omnidroid on the remote island of Nomanisan, promising a significant benefit. Showing up on Nomanisan Island, Bob is able to locate and also damage the Omnidroid by deceiving it right into removing its very own power source.

Bob is renewed by having the ability to utilize his powers freely, boosting his mindset and also connection with his family, and also he starts strenuous training while waiting for more job from Mirage. Uncovering a tear in his fit, Bob brows through superhero outfit designer Edna Mode who determines to make him and also his whole household matches, unbeknownst to Helen and the children. Leaving for Nomanisan again, Bob uncovers that Mirage is helping Buddy Pine, a super-fan rejected by Mr. Amazing and also now determining as super-villain Disorder. Disorder means to excellent the Omnidroid and beat it in public while controling its controls to come to be a hero himself, and after that sell his creations so everyone will end up being equally "incredibly", making the term worthless. Bob slips into Syndrome's space station and also finds his computer system. He finds Syndrome has actually drawn plenty of retired superheroes to their fatalities, pitting them versus previous Omnidroid models to evaluate their style. At the same time, Helen gos to Edna, figures out just what Bob has actually been up to, as well as turns on a homing sign Edna built into the suits to discover him, unintentionally triggering Bob to be discovered as well as captured.
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Helen borrows an airplane to moving towards Nomanisan, but locates Violet and Dash have actually stashed using their own suits, leaving Jack-Jack in the care of a babysitter. Syndrome picks up Helen's radio transmissions and also rejects the airplane, but Helen and also the children make it through and also make it to the island, though Bob thinks they are dead. Bob threatens to eliminate Mirage to require Syndrome to launch him, yet Syndrome calls his bluff and Bob releases Mirage.

Helen continues to the base to locate Bob, finding Disorder's objectives to send the Omnidroid to Metroville in a rocket. Troubled by Disorder's habits and also his real strategies, Mirage releases Bob and also educates him that his household is alive. Helen gets there as well as races off with Bob to discover their kids. Dashboard as well as Violet use their powers to respond to a number of Disorder's guards in Nomanisan's exotic jungle before reunited with their parents. The family members is recorded by Disorder, who heads off to launch his plan.

With Mirage's assistance, the Parrs retreat, and also use a safety Recreational Vehicle and a spare orbital rocket system to seek Disorder. In Metroville, the Omnidroid has acquired more knowledge, and also knocks the remote that manages it out of Syndrome's understanding, knocking him subconscious and rampaging via the city. The Parrs and Lucius team up to eliminate the robotic, till Bob uses Disorder's remote and one of the Omnidroid's removed pincers to make it remove its power source, damaging it. Returning residence, the Parrs find Disorder has Jack-Jack as well as means on elevating him as his very own partner to specific vengeance on the family members. As Syndrome tries to get away to his airplane, Jack-Jack's very own shapeshifting superpowers begin to manifest as well as hinder Syndrome's retreat. Helen rescues Jack-Jack, and also Bob eliminates Disorder by throwing his very own vehicle at the plane, creating him to be sucked into the airplane's wind turbine.

Three months later, the Parrs, having actually adapted to civilian life, witness the arrival of a new villain called the Underminer. The family dons their superhero clothing, preparing to deal with the new risk.

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