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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs cartoon

Flint Lockwood is a wannabe-scientist that stays in Swallow Falls, a little island in the middle of the Atlantic Sea that has sardines as the base of its economic climate. Flint lives with Tim, his widowed technophobic papa who misconstrues his son's ability, and also his family pet ape, Steve. Despite Flint's zealous interest, his inventions, including spray-on footwears, a remote regulated television, rat birds, hair-un-balder, as well as a flying automobile, all ended in failure. Flint states that his desire was in order to help his hometown and that Swallow Falls used to be famous for sardines until the prominent Child Brent Sardine cannery failed completely.

Flint after that invents a device that changes water right into food, called the "Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Altering Dynamic Food Replicator" (FLDSMDFR). Flint switches on the FLDSMDFR in his lab, yet winds up straining your house's electric supply. He after that determines to power the maker by hooking it as much as a close-by power plant. When he transforms the machine back on, it winds up rocketing through community, creating various damage, ultimately soaring into the sky. While recouping from his failure, Flint meets Samantha "Sam" Stimulates, a weather condition trainee whose big break was handicapped by Flint's activities. Their conversation is cut short when rainbow tinted clouds float over the town and also begin to rainfall cheeseburgers.

The town rejoices in their revived food options, and also Flint creates an interaction gadget to send out orders to the equipment and also order it to create different sorts of food. Ingest Autumns (now renamed Chewandswallow) suddenly becomes an effective "food tourist" location. Every little thing is working out up until the townsfolk begin greedily requesting food from Flint's maker. Flint notifications that the food is beginning to enlarge in size. Although he is worried that the food is starting to "over mutate", the currently morbidly overweight mayor realizes it as profitable for him as well as the city, and also shames Flint right into continuing to make food rainfall.
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Citizens as well as worldly visitors in Chewandswallow are euphoric until all of a sudden a big tornado formed of spaghetti as well as meatballs intimidates the community. Flint hurries to his laboratory to transform the FLDSMDFR off as well as tries to send a "kill code" to quit the maker, but the mayor damages the interaction tool by tossing a gigantic radish at it before he could do it. With Flint not able to regulate the machine, an enormous food tornado is developed which intimidates the world. When Flint's dad urges him to fix the mess, Flint gets self-esteem, positions the kill code in a USB flash drive, and develops a new flying auto to reach and also deactivate the FLDSMDFR, with the help of Sam, her cameraman Manny, Steve as well as Brent (name of the Child Brent Sardine cannery).

As they approach the maker in the sky, they discover that it is currently at the core of a large meatball, where clouds go in the top and also a food cyclone heads out all-time low. The maker sends sentient food to attack them. In the chaos, the flash drive with the kill code is sucked by the wind gone.

Back at Chewandswallow, the people and also tourists escape while the last leftovers fall. Mt. Leftovers falls down, causing an avalanche of food that destroys the community. In spite of the barrage damaging Flint's Laboratory, Tim manages to re-send the kill code to Flint's cellular phone from there. Flint then goes inside the meatball, locates the equipment, and connects the phone to a port. To his discouragement, Flint uncovers that Tim sent him the wrong report, so he is unable to stop the FLDSMDFR. Flint after that obtains an idea as well as uses his Spray-On Shoes formula on the device, causing it to explode. With the device destroyed, the food storm subsides and also everyone has the ability to return securely to Chewandswallow. Tim ultimately reveals his admiration for his kid and also his creations prior to Flint and Sam commemorate with a kiss. On the other hand, the obese mayor is realized stranded in the center of the sea, having consumed almost all of his peanut butter and also jelly sandwich boat, while muttering that his plans were not well thought out.

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