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Nana Osaki is a punk vocalist that wishes to debut with her band, Black Rocks (BLAST for short), where she is the prima donna and also her partner, Ren, is the bassist. Nana and also Ren have cohabited as fans because she was 16. When Ren is provided a possibility to launching in Tokyo as a substitute member of the preferred band, Trapnest (Toranesu in Japanese), Nana opts to continue on with BLAST and to plant her own occupation as opposed to adhering to Ren, as she has excessive passion to merely be a rockstar's partner. She at some point leaves for Tokyo at the age of twenty to begin her musical occupation.
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Nana Komatsu, the various other Nana, has a habit of falling in love at first sight all the time, as well as depending on other individuals to aid her. When her relatives, and after that her sweetheart, leave for Tokyo, she chooses to join them a year later on after having conserved adequate money at the age of twenty.

Both Nanas meet on a train by coincidence, both on their method to Tokyo. After a string of coincidences, they come to live together in a house phoned number 707 (nana means "7" in Japanese). In spite of having contrasting personalities as well as ideals, the Nanas respect each various other and also become close friends.

Nana Osaki offers Nana Komatsu the nickname Hachi (after Hachikō, because she is weak-willed and has attributes that look like a pup, as well as a joke because hachi indicates "eight" and also nana implies "seven" in Japanese).

While BLAST starts to get popularity at live jobs, the two Nanas face several various other issues together, especially in the locations of friendship and also love. The tale of Nana rotates heavily around the love and also partnerships of the two personalities as one seeks fame and recognition while the other seeks love and also joy.

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