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The Fox and the Hound (1981) movie

After a young red fox is orphaned, Big Mom the owl, Boomer the woodpecker, as well as Dinky the finch set up for him to be embraced by a kindly farmer called Widow Tweed. Tweed names him Tod, because he reminds her of a toddler. On the other hand, her neighbor, a hunter named Amos Slade, brings home a young hound puppy named Copper and presents him to his hunting dog Chief. Tod in order to Copper come to be playmates and pledge to stay "good friends for life". Slade becomes disappointed experiencing Copper for regularly wandering off to play and puts him on a chain. While playing with Copper at his house, Tod awakens Chief. Slade and also Chief chase him till they are challenged by Tweed. After a fierce argument, Slade intimidates to kill Tod if he trespasses on his farm again. Hunting season comes and Slade takes his pets right into the wilderness for the interim. Meanwhile, Large Mama, Dinky as well as Boomer effort to clarify to Tod that his friendship experiencing Copper could not continue, as they are organic opponents, however Tod naively chooses not to think them, really hoping that he and also Copper will stay pals permanently.

As months pass, Tod in order to Copper both reach adulthood. Copper has actually come to be a skilled searching dog, while Tod has actually matured into a strong handsome fox. On the evening of Copper's return, Tod creeps over to visit him. Copper explains that while he still values Tod as a good friend, he is currently a searching pet in order to things are different. Their discussion stirs up Principal, that alerts Slade. In the occurring chase Copper catches Tod. Copper lets the fox go and draws away Chief and Slade. Tod tries running away on a railroad track, but is captured and gone after by Principal as a train instantly passes by them. Tod ducks under the train, but Chief is struck by the train and falls into a river listed below, damaging his leg. Agitated by this, Copper and also Slade criticize Tod for the mishap as well as vow vengeance. Tweed, recognizing that Tod is not secure with her, takes him on a drive and also leaves him at an online game protect.
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Tod's opening night alone in the woods shows tragic, inadvertently entering an irritable badger's den. Luckily, a friendly porcupine supplies Tod sanctuary. That exact same evening, Slade and Copper prepare vengeance on Tod. The following early morning, Big Mama locates Tod and also introduces him to a female fox named Vixey. Intending to impress her, Tod tries to capture a fish, yet falls short due to not having survival abilities. Vixey and the other animals laugh at him, but Large Mom requests that Tod be himself. Both foxes reconcile and Vixey aids Tod adjust to life in the woodland.

At the same time, Slade and Copper trespass right into the preserve in order to hunt Tod. As Tod manages to get away Slade's leghold traps, Copper and also Slade go after both foxes. They conceal in their burrow while Slade attempts trapping them by setting fire to the various other end of the burrow. The foxes narrowly leave without obtaining melted as Slade and also Copper chase them up the top of a hill till they get to a falls. There, Slade in order to Copper close in for the kill, however a huge bear all of a sudden emerges from the bushes as well as assaults Slade. Slade falls as well as enters one of his very own catches, dropping his weapon somewhat out of reach. Copper attempts combating the bear yet is no match for it. Not going to let his old close friend die, Tod interferes and fights off the bear until they both drop the falls.

Suffering from the bear gone, a bewildered Copper strategies Tod as he lies tired near the bank of a waterfall-created lake. When Slade appears, Copper positions himself in front of Tod to stop Slade from firing him, refusing to relocate away. Slade reduces his gun and entrusts to Copper. Both previous good friends share one last smile prior to parting. In the house, Tweed nurses Slade back to health while the canines rest. Copper, before relaxing, grins as he keeps in mind the day when he first met Tod. On a hill, Vixey joins Tod look down on the residences of Slade in order to Tweed.

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