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The Little Fox, understood in Hungary as Vuk, is a 1981 Hungarian computer animated movie produced by Pannónia Filmstúdió, based on the novel Vuk by István Fekete. The film is directed by Attila Dargay as well as created by Attila Dargay, István Imre, Ede Tarbay, and Magyar Televízió, the Hungarian national civil service tv company, owned by the Federal government of Hungary as well as launched in 1981. In addition to Pet cat City, it is widely considered one of the standards of Hungarian computer animation. It features the voice talents of Judit Pogány as young Vuk, József Gyabronka as adult Vuk, László Csákányi as Karak as well as Tibor Bitskey as the narrator. A computer system animated and commonly panned follow up, A Fox's Tale, was launched in 2008.
The movie informs the tale of a little fox kit, Vic (Vuk in the Hungarian version), who ventures far from his family members's den as well as, upon his return, picks up from his uncle Karak that his entire household has actually been shot and also killed by a human hunter. Karak then supplies for Vic to stay with him, and Karak continues to increase him.
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As Vic grows older, he develops much cunning as well as brains. Now a young adult fox, he finds a vixen, called Foxy, held captive in a cage on a human ranch. He tricks the attack dog as well as other animals, along with the seeker himself, as well as eventually assists the vixen retreat.

She joins Vic as well as Karak in the timbers, but Vic's uncle is shot by people throughout a search. Vic vouches vengeance on the seeker and also finally achieves it, playing several jokes on the seeker's foolish pets, eliminating and devouring the male's animals and eventually playing tricks on the man himself. At the end of the movie, Vic and also his partner have cubs of their very own.
The English-language dub of the movie, labelled just The Little Fox, was made in 1987 and released in the USA on house video clip by Celeb Home Enjoyment. It was additionally transmitted from time to time on Nickelodeon's weekend break shows block called "Hand-to-hand delivery." The English dub adjustments Vuk's name to "Vic" and also his better half's name to "Foxy," although Karak's name continued to be the same.
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