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It's Kind of a Funny Story is a 2010 comedy-drama film composed as well as routed by Anna Boden and also Ryan Streak, an adjustment of Ned Vizzini's 2006 story of the same name. The film stars Keir Gilchrist, Zach Galifianakis, Emma Roberts, and Viola Davis. [3] It was released in the USA on October 8, 2010.

The film obtained generally positive evaluations.
After pondering suicide by jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, 16-year-old Craig Gilner (Keir Gilchrist), makes a decision to visit the healthcare facility to look for help. Craig tells Dr. Mahmoud (Aasif Mandvi) that he requires immediate aid to which Dr. Mahmoud signs up Craig for a one-week remain in the hospital's psychiatric floor. It is disclosed that Craig has a great deal of pressure at his senior high school, Executive Pre-Professional (based upon Manhattan's Stuyvesant High School), emphasizing over the should kip down an application for a prestigious summer institution, his imperfections in the shadow of his friend, Aaron (Thomas Mann), which he considers to be great at everything, and also his daddy who stress him to do well. At first, Craig doubts if he made the ideal selection to stay, primarily because of that his pals could find out when he misses out on school, specifically Nia (Zoë Kravitz), his crush as well as Aaron's girlfriend. He is put in the adult ward with a few other teens due to the fact that the teenage ward is undergoing redesigns.
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Craig is introduced to Bobby (Zach Galifianakis), an adult patient that claims he is just there on vacation, as he takes Craig under his wing. Throughout a group discussion, Craig discovers that Bobby is stressed out concerning a future interview in hopes of moving to a team residence. When Bobby mentions that he will have to put on for the job interview is the sweater that he is currently using, Craig offers Bobby one of his father's gown shirts to wear, as well as Bobby accepts. Craig's kind deal to Bobby is experienced by Noelle (Emma Roberts), another adolescent individual who remains in for self-mutilation. She is impressed by Craig and also leaves him a note to consult with her that evening. Later, Craig and Noelle go to a painting session for the patients. Craig suggest of an imaginary city map which he describes as "like my very own brain".

Throughout his remain, Craig forms close bonds with different individuals, consisting of Bobby and also Noelle. Bobby exposes to Craig that he is a daddy of a little woman which he is really in the ward for attempting to devote suicide six times. As Craig aims to aid Bobby with his issues, Bobby, in return, aids Craig to acquire the nerve to ask out Noelle. One night, Nia unexpectedly visits to visit Craig, disclosing that she as well as Aaron have separated. Craig asks Nia to his room, where she attempts to seduce him. Nevertheless, the two are captured by Craig's roommate Muqtada (Bernard White), an older patient who has actually not left the area during his remain. As Nia runs out of the room, Craig chases her as well as calls out that he loves her, unaware that Noelle is supporting him. Distressed, Noelle tornados off leaving a self-portrait that she had actually intended to give Craig.
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