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Secret Of The Wings Characters Secret Of The Wings Movie Secret Of The Wings Cartoon Secret Of The Wings Film Secret Of The Wings Flick

Secret of the Wings, likewise referred to as Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings, is a 2012 computer-animated dream movie, and also the 4th in the Disney Fairies franchise, produced by DisneyToon Studios. It focuses on Tinker Bell, a fairy character produced by J. M. Barrie in his play, Peter Pan, or The Kid Who Would not Adult, as well as included in succeeding adjustments, particularly in Disney's computer animated works, and just how she ventures to the Winter season Woods as well as satisfies her twin sibling, Periwinkle, who is a frost fairy. Starring the voices of Mae Whitman, Lucy Liu, Megan Hilty, Raven-Symoné as well as Angela Bartys, it likewise features new actors members who include Matt Lanter, Timothy Dalton, Lucy Hale and Debby Ryan, while Anjelica Huston tells.
At the beginning of wintertime, everyone plans for the final period of the year. Out of interest, Tinker Bell wants to visit the Winter Forest. The tinker fairies make snow baskets which are provided by snowy owls. Later that day, she helps Fawn take the animals to the Forest to hibernate. While Fawn is active, Tink crosses the border, and her wings start to radiance. Seeing this, Tink is persuaded that she is suggested to discover the Woods. But Fawn warns her that her wings are cold and also hurries her to the fairy health center. After being checked out, she remains curious about her wings. Tink after that flies off to guide Nook, where she locates a book on Wingology, but discovers the web page on "Sparkling Wings" chewed out by book lovers. A reading fairy informs her that the Keeper, the author who resides in the Wintertime Forest, might be able to assist her.
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Preparing herself and also using the last delivery as her only opportunity, she slips right into the workshop and also climbs inside among the baskets. She gets gotten by a newbie owl and also makes her method across the border. The owl after that mistakenly goes down the basket, and she crashes right into the snow. Understanding her publication has been flung from her bag, she tries to get it back. Nevertheless, Milori, the Lord of the Woods, locates the book as well as asks Sled to return it to the Caretaker. Tink after that follows him to the Winter season Library. Upon arriving, she finds the Keeper, Dewey. However prior to she could speak with him, another winter months fairy hurries right into the area as well as proclaims that her wings sparkled the day previously. Tink fulfills the fairy, whose name is Periwinkle. Instantly, the ladies' wings start to glow. Astonished, Dewey brings both to a platform and positions their wings prior to the whole chamber ends up being loaded with pictures describing their origins: that Tinkerbell and also Periwinkle were born of the very same infant giggling. Both after that realize that this would certainly make them siblings. Unexpectedly, Lord Milori arrives, concerned about guide, cautioning him to send out any cozy fairy back. Dewey tells both they could spend a day with each other prior to Tink needs to return home.
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