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Ginei Studios, a distinguished but broke animation studio is being torn down as well as TV recruiter Genya Tachibana tracks down its ideal known star, Chiyoko Fujiwara, for an occupation retrospective interview. Thirty years prior, she relinquished acting and also has actually been a recluse ever since. When they meet, Tachibana supplies her a key he thinks she lost at the studio, which triggers Chiyoko to reflect on her career. As she's informing her life tale, Tachibana as well as Kyoji Ida, his cameraman, are drawn in.
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The trick was given to her as a teen by a painter and also revolutionary that she aided get away from the authorities. After his separation, she chooses to come to be a film actress in hopes that he will certainly see among her flicks. This takes place for decades and Chiyoko comes to be very well-known. Regardless of not hearing from the strange painter, she doesn't shed hope. Ultimately, one of the policemen who was after the cutting edge painter, concerns her as well as excuses his war crimes. Genya, who at the time was working as an aide at the studio, learns through him that the painter was hurt and killed after his apprehension. Yet despite unknowning this, Chiyoko deserts her search because she had actually gotten old and also desired him to consider her as the gorgeous woman she when was. During the meeting, a quake strikes which upsets Chiyoko's vulnerable health. On her health center deathbed, she tells Genya that despite never seeing the male once again, she understood that what she enjoyed had not been the man however the search for him.

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